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Although this thingy here has been online for some time already, I have decided to make this journal


from now on. Older entries that have been posted before this one are now locked as well.

If you want to be added, comment. However, I do NOT accept everyone ...

- You have to have at least a couple of things in common with me. Otherwise I don't see any basis for communication.

- I have been suffering from clinical depression for more than half of my life. It's part of who I am, but does NOT define me. However, I will blog about the struggles that come with the illness (throw in also panic attacks and anxiety), so if that is not your thing and you feel you can't handle me at my worst, then just don't add me. Mood swings can happen rapidly fast, so consider this a trigger warning.

- Athletes and bands are my biggest inspirations in life. Hence, I will write about them often, as they're helping me to go on. Going to a concert every now and then is something that I love, so is watching sports (especially when live).

- I am NOT here to increase the number of friends on your f-list. Please do comment every once and a while, so I know you're still there and read what I write. Thanks!

- If you can't stand sarcasm, irony or black humor, this is most definitely not the place for you to hang out. Kthxbye.

- I write the way I talk, meaning, I curse like a sailor, and I am also not here to censor myself by avoiding certain words (aka slurs). Bye.

- Hardcore Christians who want to shove their faith down my throat?

Well ...


If you now feel you're up to the challenge - cheers! And have fun on here.

[identity profile] 2005-04-11 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
Hiya.... saw you through the kiwichicks communtiy, thought I'd check out your journal and it turns out we have quite a few similar interests. Not to mention I'm a kiwi which surely must win me some brownie points!!! Haha.

I'm like the queen of mood swings/bitchy/depressy/hyper rants at the best of times so no problems there.

Gonna add ya if you don't mind.

[identity profile] 2005-04-11 01:51 pm (UTC)(link)

nice to meet you. :-) I added you back, and it's cool that we have some things in common.